The Partners

The Partners of the Project Kids In Touch are:

  • Istituto Comprgensivo Statale of Spoltore (Italy) – Coordinator
  • Be You – Centro de Inciativas Desportivas – Mortagua (Portugal)
  • Collège Saint-Vincent – Soignies (Belgium)
  • OLD Pescara Rugby ASD – Pescara (Italy)


Istituto Comprensivo Statale of Spoltore

The Coordinator partner  is a public school that welcomes 750 pupils between 3 and 14 years; the staff has 50 teachers and 20 administrative employees.

It is located in a town of about 16,000 inhabitants in the shelter of the greater metropolitan area. As a public school the Istituto Comprensivo is an educational agency and it has been engaged for years in educational activities including the enhancement of the practice of Rugby, in collaboration with the sport association “OLD PESCARA RUGBY”. In the afternoon, the Istituto Comprensivo organises free activities for children, with the participation of about 80 pupils and collaboration among teachers of physical education and professional Rugby coaches.

The Istituto Comprensivo di Spoltore team participates regularly in tournaments at local and international level.

Main goals of the school activities in sports area are:

  1. Increase the time devoted to physical education at school level in the age group between 6 and 14 years (in most of Europe, as evidenced by the Eurydice reports the hours of physical activity represent only 8% of the school curricula);
  2. Strengthen the synergies between municipalities, agencies, local and international sports associations to extend the practice of sport opportunities;
  3. Spread out especially grassroots sports in open air spaces with low costs for the community and improvement of children’s health conditions;
  4. Strengthen sports practices that promote educational values, such as respect for the rules, self-esteem and combat bullying;
  5. Develop educational and teaching tools for the dissemination of good practices related to sport;
  6. Practise real inclusion of disabled children and disadvantaged groups for economic, social or gender reasons.

Be You – Centro de Inciativas Desportivas

Be You is a no profit private association located in Mortagua (Portugal). It welcomes young athletes from 8 to 15 years old.

His statuary goals are:

  1. Promote own sports initiatives, competition teams with special focus in the development of persons or organizations partners.
  2. Support in our organizational and administrative structure, others ideas and initiatives presented by external persons, individuals or groups of persons, in the perspective of "virtual incubation"
  3. Monitoring ideas, initiatives and projects incubated with our support, through consulting and training, creating conditions for this partners growing administrative, financial and patrimonial.
  4. Cooperate with all other organizations, whether public, private or social economy. Special focus in Municipalities and schools in the region. With the aim of physical and sports development , for all the population, taking whenever possible, a proactive and helping in the coordinating of the activities.
  5. Provide consulting and services, be they administrative, technical, training and others, who specialize in sports and related field.
  6. Promote public meetings and events, in order to promote the region and ensuring own resources.
  7. Apply and participate in funded projects , national and European, including where possible, in these projects, the local partners organizations as well as clubs, sports associations and others in the region.

Collège Saint-Vincent Soignies

The CES Saint Vincent de Soignies has a didactic offer that goes from the first basic level to the seventh professional level.

The CES is a complete school, which bases its success on the variety of the educational offer to the students, but also on the possibility of having a boarding school.

The 4 housing facilities of the college are spread over two separate sites, one for girls (one building) and the other for boys (three buildings). The 4 boarding houses are all within 200 meters of the schools.

Furthermore, a special attention is paid to all the details that can make the life of a student in college qualitatively high, such as the possibility of a personalised diet.

From an educational point of view, students are encouraged to choose the offer that best suits their vocation, through extensive programs designed to enable students to arrive at the end of courses with a complete culture.

OLD Pescara Rugby ASD

It is a not profit sport association founded in 1992 renewing a tradition of rugby club in Pescara that started in 1964. As sport association, OLD Pescara Rugby has more than 200 athletes (male and female from U6 up to adult and veterans teams) practicing to regional and interregional tournaments.

OLD Pescara Rugby has been awarded in 2016 by Pescara mayor Alessandrini for its efforts for integration of young people with any kind of background recognizing capability of integration and special effort to ease access to sport for all.

The sport association has a long tradition of collaboration with primary and secondary school implementing with many secondary schools of Pescara surroundings School internal training sessions, tournaments and opening to pupils free participation to official games for FIR (Italian Rugby Federation).

Pescara Rugby receives also each year prizes from Rugby Federation for introducing rugby to a new young athletes.

It is also in direct contact with Daniele Mazziotta Technical supervisor of Touch Rugby League (member of FIR) that will support project for sport aspects related to specific Touch Rugby approach.

Social action is also important for OLD Pescara Rugby that has been involved together with ALBA Association in a specific project for integration of autistic young people and also organized actions with Syrian refugees for integration through sport games. From this year, Old Pescara Rugby has a co-trainer for younger athletes (U6,U8,U10) with psychology skills to welcome and support any kind of disability especially for hyperactive children.