Project Results


On May 17th in the Council Chamber of the Spoltore Town Hall, in the presence of all the partners, the Final Meeting of the Kids In Touch Project was held.

The Meeting was an opportunity to present the results of the work done to the citizens and families.

The results of the Action Research Path, central core of the Project, were presented. The scientific consultant and supervisor of the research project, Dr. Renato Cerbo has in fact illustrated a summary of the report “Sport and inclusion. The contribution of sports in inclusion processes” and disclosed the data relating to the monitoring of the activities carried out during the two years of the Project in all its phases.

The ICF questionnaire used in the study was created specifically by the working group coordinated by the scientific manager and the team of teachers involved in the project itself.


Sport and Inclusion. The Contribution of Sports in inclusion processes

English Abstract

Sport plays a fundamental role in the healhty development of the human being as it works on three different but interconnected levels: physical, psychological and social well-being. The Europen project called Rugby K.I.T. aimed to enhance relational and social skills of people generally excluded or at risk of exclusion from normal life opportunities. Social inclusion, equal opportunities, increased awareness of the benefits of physical activity for healht and increased hours of physical education have been achieved. The basic tool is the “mixed team” where pupils with typical development and pupils with Special Educational Needs related to the cognitive/behavioral area (autism spectrum, AHDH) or with specific learning disorders found their place. In addition, the project aimed to provide useful data for defining policies and promoting dialogue between parties: the analysis and use of such data should contribute to the development of the European dimension in sport.

The project involved 68 boys/girls aged between 12 and 16 from 3 European countries; they have been monitored for 18 months independently by teachers, parents and coaches through questionnaires on ICF basis. This protocol describes and classifies the state of health of the individual in the multidimensional meaning of physical, mental and social well-being always seen in his/her environment, declined in its multiple components.


The experience of the Rugby K.I.T. project confirms by real data the favorable impact of regular sport activity on the psychological well-being  of pupils with SEN. All the observers involved (teachers, coaches and parents) agree in reporting (by speciefed indicators and qualifiers) an improvement in the ability to perform, to manage daily tasks, attention time and social skills.